Contemporary Curves

Salon Interior Design Inspiration


all things curved, arched, scalloped & wavy

In the world of salon design, contemporary curves are making a bold statement. Think arched doorways, scalloped furniture, and wavy decorative pieces that create a modern, yet tranquil, environment for your clients.


Your Salon Design Style: Embracing the Curvature

With the modern muse in mind, the tranquility of this style comes from embracing fluid curves and forms. It creates a pared-back, soft, and sensual space that fuses natural stone finishes with new curvaceous shapes. These forms are present everywhere from doorways to decorative pieces, to furniture, giving a truly modern feel to your salon.


Highlighting Curves: The Power of Neutral Colours

To bring out the beauty of these bold forms, pair them with a neutral colour palette. This approach showcases the elegance of the curves while also striking a balance with the modern vibes throughout the salon. The contrast between bold forms and muted hues creates an inviting yet dynamic ambiance, where clients feel both relaxed and inspired.

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Balance modern curves by highlighting with a neutral colour palette

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